Information for Surgeons and Medical Providers

Why refer my weight loss surgery patients to Dr. Shapiro?

Dr. Shapiro is the top bariatric psychologist in San Diego and has dedicated her practice to Eating Disorders and Obesity. She has performed hundreds of psychological evaluations for weight loss surgery patients and maintains a steadily list of referrals from several surgeons in the San Diego area.

Dr. Shapiro has been specializing in Eating Disorders and Obesity for 10+ years and has trained at the most esteemed obesity centers including Duke University’s Weight Loss Surgery Center, Duke University’s Eating Disorders Program, Structure House LLC, The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Eating Disorders Program. She has trained psychiatry residents and psychology graduate students on how to treat obesity and bariatric surgery patients, has developed a 20-week behavioral weight control program, and has authored several chapters and medical journal articles on both eating disorders and obesity.

Dr. Shapiro’s practice is dedicated to eating disorders and obesity. She has spent her entire career focusing in this area.

What will Dr. Shapiro provide for me as the surgeon?

  • A comprehensive evaluation based on recommendations by the American Society for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery (ASMBS) and consistent with other established gold standard practices. This includes:
    1. A 50-60 minute in-person interview with the patient.
    2. Assessment and scoring of pertinent and relevant objective measures.
    3. Patients offered appointments within 1-2 weeks of their initial phone call.
  • A detailed report including:
    1. Necessary information needed for insurance purposes.
    2. Specific pre- and post-operative recommendations for each patient.
    3. Sections tailored to surgeon preference – upon request.
    4. Report turn-around time is 7 days from date of evaluation.
  • Dr. Shapiro is available to address cases that need further discussion.
  • Dr. Shapiro is available to help prepare your patients for surgery and/or assist them post-operatively when needed. If you have patients who you believe need extra assistance, Dr. Shapiro welcomes your referrals.

Services Offered:

  • Pre-operative psychological evaluations meeting both insurance and surgeon requirements.
  • Outpatient therapy for pre-operative patients to help prepare them for the post-operative behavioral and emotional changes.
  • Post-operative therapy to assist with adherence to diet, physical activity, lifestyle changes, or emotional adjustment.
  • Brief phone coaching sessions for less intensive support.
  • Presentations at support groups or lectures.

Dr. Shapiro is happy to meet with you and your staff at your clinic to discuss her services, provide a sample anonymous report, demonstrate objective outcome measures, and discuss feedback. Contact Dr. Shapiro to arrange a breakfast or lunch meeting.