Groups for Adolescents

Food, Fun, and Freedom

Are you concerned about your child’s binge eating, emotional eating, or weight? Do you wish you could provide them with professional help, but also be able to gain insight yourself as to how to best support them at home with their food struggles? 

Then this 8-week group class series is designed just for you and your child!

What you get:

  • EIGHT1-hour weekly group session for your child
  • A binder for your child, complete with weekly handouts and worksheets
  • Balanced snacks provided for your child at each class
  • Handouts on portion sizes for commonly eaten foods, recipes and snack ideas
  • Weekly podcasts sent to parents email, covering what your child will learn that week in class, as well as ways to best support them in implementing what they have learned in class at home


  • Date/Time: 
  • Fee:  $150 for the 6 podcasts (without group classes) 
    • Facilitator: Tiffany Haug, MS, EDOC 

To inquire, please email or 

or call 619.825.0499

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