Do You Need Eating Disorders or Obesity Treatment? Do you...

  • feel out of control when you eat?
  • feel anxious or scared about eating?
  • eat too much or too little?
  • need to compensate for what you eat?
  • have body image concerns?
  • find it hard to gain or lose weight?
  • want bariatric surgery?
  • feel your life revolves around the way you look or the number on the scale?
  • eat in response to bad moods like loneliness, stress, sadness?
Dr. Shapiro is on of the few clinical psychologists with expertise in treating both Eating Disorders and Obesity in teenagers and adults.
Dr Jennifer S
Dr. Jennifer Shapiro Serving San Diego, La Jolla and Surrounding Areas

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San Diego, CA 92121
Phone: (619) 825-0499
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